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There has been a flavorful conglomeration of projects moving through the studio and I am using this news strip as a way to document some of the ingredients that make up Porcarelli Studio.


August-September 2016

Klangbotten sound project



Not Quite organizer and performer


May 2016

From Earth to Sky

drawing project at Not Quite

With artist in resident Steve Johnson from Charleston, SC, USA


and other guests Liza Johansson, Jonas Löfqvist

Special thanks to Steneby Mötesplats http://steneby.se/om/motesplats/



April 2016

Skövde Kulturfabriken skissuppdrag för konstnärlig gestaltning




 Ypres 2016

Jury member for international metal exhibit at Ypres 2016




December 2015

One week publiic interaction workshop at Estonia Academy of Arts, Tallinn.

Co-taught and tutored with Karl Hallberg




October 1-3. 2015

A Soniferous Mingle will be taking place as part of the Ny Musik Festivalen at Vara Koncerthus.   Pieces will be available for use throughout the duration of the festival.



 September 19 – November 15, 2015

Vernissage lördag 19 september kl 14

Material in Motion

Dalsland Konstmuseum

A Group Exhibition showcasing the six of us sharing space in the metal workshop at the Not Quite art collective.

Ulrika Aneer, Jessica Fleetwood, Karl Hallberg, Ossian Gustavsson, Chris Porcarelli, Miklos Fözö




May 24 – June 5, 2015

Illuminating Sound in Metal at Penland School of Craft this year! I am excited to be teaching a two week sound course in the Iron Studio and bringing Hannes Nilsson from Sweden to help out. Session 1, May 24th to June 5th. It’s a great place and the course is going to be a blast.  If you would like to join contact Penland about available places and enrollment.




April 3, 2015

Opening of Dust to Dust in the Not Quite Gallery in Fengersfors

Jag har utforskat den gamla pappersfabriken i Fengersfors under de senaste åren och blivit inspirerad av de mörka rummen och de storslagna maskinerna i sönderfall. Den är en svunnen tid från start, arbete och förfall. Jord, ljus och fröer har samlats i hörn, på väggar och tak. Den nya växtligheten fångas mellan geometriska former under tiden som byggaderna sakta faller tillbaka mot marken. Elektriciteten som en gång strömmade genom fabriken har torkat ut men har lämnat spår som väcker fantasin till att formulera berättelser om vad som varit och vad som kan komma. Dust to Dust är en del av en teckningsdagbok under arbete, med teckningar och föremål som hyllar visuella skeenden och utrymmen som lockar min nyfikenhet och förgyller mina upplevelser.

I have been exploring and observing the old paper factory in Fengersfors for the last few years and am inspired by the dark quiet rooms and the magnificent decaying machinery.  It is a time lost between the inception, working and decay.   Soil, light and seeds have gathered in corners, on walls and through roofs.   The new growth is captured within geometric forms as the buildings are slowly crumbling back into the ground.  The electricity that once flowed through the factory has gone dry leaving remnants and clues for the imagination to formulate stories of what was and will be.   Dust to Dust is part of a working sketch journal of drawn and made objects that pay tribute to visual spectacles and spaces that pull at my curiosity and enrich my experiences.

Images will be posted soon!





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