Kulturfabriken Skövde

Kulturfabriken is a new organization in Skövde´s Norrmalm neighborhood that brings together the city museum, a music school, and a few performance stages.  At the heart of Kulturfabriken is learning and creativity, and inspiration for visitors to push beyond what they already know.  The work I have proposed is theoretically and visually very specific for the space. It aims to inspire observation and social interaction through multiple levels of sound features and viewpoints.  This is a safe and curious place created for exploring, learning, playing and just hanging out.

There are subtle and complex features incorporated into the work that lead a curious explorer to acoustical and visual phenomenon that can be tested and played with. Initiating interaction is my challenge.  At the point where an individual or group starts playing with sounds and movement, my creativity has reached an end and the creative whims of the user takes over to complete the work.


Skaraborg news report

information from Skövde 

article from Sla.se


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