Klangbotten is a project that is working to develop relationships between art organizations and new music composers, performers and sound artist.  A pilot project is underway led by Elsbeth Bergh and is involving Skövde Konstmuseum, Galleri Gerlesborg, Borås konstmuseum and Konstnärskollektivet Not Quite.  A number of collaborations and off shoots of the project have been happening over the last year and half and there are numerous performances happening over the last summer/fall of 2016. The two headlining artist are Hanna Hartman, and Lene Grenager.    You can find more information in the online brochure and video.

I am happy to be involved as both organizer for Not Quite and a participating artist.


Magnus Haglund and I are collaborating with a Ljudessä.  The project has coincided with with the completion of Magnus´s book, Lyssnare.  We have developed an interactive verbal essay where random words and phrases are drawn from Magnus´s book by a live audience through a device of my creation. A unique perspective of the book, and situation unfolds.

We will be doing this action along with other performers from the project at the following dates and places.


Borås Konstmuseum, 11 August
Not Quite, Fengersfors, 27 August
Gerlesborg Skolan, 7 September
Skövde Konstmuseum, 8 September
Rödasten Konsthall, Göteborg, 9 September


Events at Not Quite 

August 27

September 10

Information from the Not Quite webpage 





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