Konstepidemin in Gothenburg Sweden provided an opportunity to work in an inspiring acoustical space.  Mainly the aim of the installation was to make Bergrummet into a social, creative and interesting environment for visitors.  Throughout the project I was able to work with non-verbal communication along with sculptural and sound concepts.

The installation grows with the idea of a cave being a communication capsule and a symbol of the human condition.  As the drawings seen on cave walls over time have a lasting ability to explain the ways of life in the past, a shadow cast upon a cave wall is an instantly dissolving image of now and is only preserved in the minds of witnesses to the act.  The initial concepts of the installation projected sounds and shadows upon the walls of this cave like space.   The shadows give an opportunity to focus on the connection between movement, and sounds produced through the use of a sculptural sound device.   This project has been a communication exploration and highlights the coding of communicative acts so the shadows make more sense redirected together into a shared space.  Instead of having users’ backs turned towards each other the direction and attention of movement and sound was focused inwards to the other users so that a visual and auditory dialog may ensue.  This was done by hanging textile screens that shadows would be captured and be visible from both sides.  There were three sound devices set up with a spotlight each and a screen for each position.  The screens were arranged such that each user could see all three screens and shadows of users simultaneously, but the view of the other users was blocked.  Thus the platform for communication was set with the two dimensional visual connection between users being the shadows of users’ movements connected with the sounds that their actions produced.  The result was dialog of improvised sounds and movement that were conducted, performed and remembered by the participants.