Nääs Slott invited me to place an outdoor piece near their craft gallery for a summer exhibition in 2011.  The size, shape and sounds of the piece were designed to blend in with the surroundings.  A tall group of tuned plosive aerophones stood together near the water.  The horns had a visual style that is reminiscent of gramophone speakers, or a cluster of floral forms, and focused sound down upon users. The notes were triggered by stepping on foot pedals, and responds to a force initiated by a participant.  A mechanical system transfers energy from the foot, into air pressure and is released into the environment where one can feel and hear a response to their action.

The steel horns arose out of a small stage that lies slightly off of the ground.  Should a viewer step up to the work, there is an area established that can accommodate movement required to trigger sounds.   This is a common ground for interaction and play.  I worked to entice an exploration of motion and action for an individual or group.  Initiating an interaction is my challenge, and at the point where one chooses to take that on, the creative whims of the user takes over.