Knycklabruket was an event where visitors to a Christmas market were offered guided tours through Not Quite’s unique post-industrial environment. This was an investigative project about the current and past role of the old paper factory in Fengersfors. The event was created by a mix of eleven performance, sound, and craft artists from Gothenburg and Fengersfors, Sweden. Visitors were guided in a theatrical procession through a series of site specific performances and installations inspired by and integrated into the factory machines and spaces. Electronic and acoustic sounds, movement, and lights enliven the experience of the factory and immersed the visitors in impressions and interpretations of this mysterious and exciting place.

Knycklabruket ran in conjunction with the Not Quite Julmarknad, and was part of the Not Quite SCEN project. The project was supported by Västra Götalandsregion Kultur.

Participating artists:

Jenny Ekelund
Cajsa Hallberg
Karl Hallberg
Kajsa Magnarsson
Agnes Mercedes
Olle Petersson
Helena Persson
Chris Porcarelli
Jenny Simm
Niklas Sjösvärd
Barrie James Sutcliffe


Check back soon for a video of the Tour