I am from the northwestern United States and am living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. My projects range from artistic actions and events to sculptural installations.   I like working site specifically and developing the theoretical content of projects as well as leading the fabrication and installation.  I work with an international network of architects, designers, dancers, authors, musicians, sound artist, and makers.  Teams form that run projects from start to finish insuring that the ideas and making enhance the potential of the ideas and spaces through all of the working processes.

There is a social core to projects that guide writing, drawings, model making and the final spaces that are created.  My aim is to provide open ended social spheres.  The spheres are built physical spaces where sculptural objects, landscape and structures are used to form a meeting space and give opportunities for users to initiate their own creativity and social situations.  At the point where someone starts to use these objects and spaces my creative role ends and theirs begins.