I am from the northwestern United States and am living and working in Sweden.  My projects grow from theoretical foundations and use design and forming techniques to give shape and use of spaces and objects.  Many materials are interesting for me, but metals are my favorite for acoustical properties and forming.

I work with spaces, and sound and develop objects that give form and use for them.  There is a social core to projects that guide drawings, model making and the final spaces that are created.  My aim is to provide open ended social spheres.  The spheres are built physical spaces where sculptural objects, landscape and structures are used to form a meeting space and give opportunities for users to initiate their own creativity and social situations.  At the point where someone starts to use these objects and spaces my creative role ends and theirs begins.


I started working with metal forming around 2001 and after receiving a MFA from Gothenburg University in 2012 I reestablished my practice in Sweden.  My studio is currently setup in the beautiful Dalsland countryside.  I am also part of a artist collective found in an old paper factory where we share a large workshop, ideas and inspirations.