Actuating creativity and communication through hand crafted objects, sound, spaces and events.


2017 Public sculptural commission, Skövde kulturfabriken, entrance environment, Skövde, Sweden

2017 Soniferous Mingle, Think Tank Transbaltic, invitational pilot workshop on public space, Ronneby, Sweden

2017 Visiting artist, College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2017 Epifytiska sällskapet, group exhibition, Botaniska Trägård, Göteborg, Sweden

2016 Performance collaboration, Ljudessä with Magnus Haglund, various locations, Sweden

2016 Project leader for Not Quite, Klangbotten, with Elsbeth Bergh, Gerlesborgsskolan, Borås and Skövde art halls and Röda Sten, Sweden

2016 Project leader Earth to Sky, drawing and local material residency project with Steve Johnson, Fengersfors, Sweden

2016  Participant, HDK Steneby„Alumni“  exhibition, Elingaard, Halden, Norway

2015  Soniferous Mingle, interactive installation, Magnet New Music Festival, Vara Concert house, Sweden

2015  Solo exhibition, Dust to Dust, a sketch journal of visual fascinations, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

2015  Material in Motion, Group exhibition, Dalslands Konstmuseum, Upperud, Sweden

2014  Selected participant, Re(S)on-Art, Center of Architecture and Design, Stockholm, Sweden

2014  Collaborator, KRUMT, interactive, durational, performance/ installation, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

2014  Group Leader of a Sound Workshop, Kalas Utan Gränser, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

2014  Participant, 20-14, Group exhibition, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

2013  Solo interactive installation, Linking Motion in the Act of Sound,  Konstepidemin Gothenburg, Sweden

2013  Selected Project for the NEU/NOW Festival,  international online exhibition

2013  Project Leader and Contributor, Knycklebruket, Sound installation tour, Not Quite, Fengerfors, Sweden

2013  Participant, Interdisciplinary Involvement in Community Spaces( IICS), Cork, Ireland

2013  David Bowie Museum, Steelmation video contribution for Marble Fauns, Gothenburg, Sweden

2013   End User Design Team, Leklab, Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

2013  Curator, University of Gothenburg, HDK open house Steneby exhibit, Gothenburg, Sweden

2012   Forecast, Penland Gallery, Penland, North Carolina, USA

2012   Lekrum, Not Quite, various sites, Fengersfors, Sweden

2012   Konstnatten, Kulturarena Tomtens Kalkbrott, Falköping, Sweden

2012   Next Stop, Vasa Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden

2012   Collaborative Installation, Grus I Mackineriet, Not Quite Utställningshall, Fengersfors, Sweden

2012   9. Biennale der Schmiede in Kolbermoor, Germany

2012   Blod, Aska, Te och Pengar, Trägårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden

2012    MFA Examination Exhibit, Steneby, Dals Långed, Sweden

2011    Outdoor Sound Installation, Nääs Slott, Floda, Sweden

2011    Hypothesis, Steneby Iron and Steel MFA students, Dals Långed,

2010   8. Biennale der Schmiede in Kolbermoor, Germany

2010   Spring Northern Light Metal Exhibit, Penland, NC


2015  Instructor, Illuminating Sound in Metal, Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina, USA

2015  Collaboritive workshop with Karl Hallberg, Made objects as tool for public engagement, Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia

2013  Lecture and Workshop, Making Sounds, Gravity Lecture Series, Hereford College of Arts, Hereford, England

2012   Lecture,  Sound and Steel, Dialog with Material Seminar, University of Gothenburg, HDK  Steneby, Sweden

2012   Presenter, Sound and Metal, 9. Biennale der Schmiede in Kolbermoor, Germany

2011   Sound Workshop Coordinator, Norwegian Blacksmith Organization meeting, Odda,  Norway

2010  Co Teacher, Steneby Metal Instrument and Sound Workshop, Dals Långed, Sweden

2010   Assistant Teacher, Texture and Form, Nathan Blank, Penland School of Craft, USA

2008   Assistant Teacher, Architectural Forging, Maria Cristalli, Penland School of Craft, USA

Additional Selected Activities

2016   Jury memberTransition, traveling metal arts exhibition with Ypres international blacksmithing event, Belgium

2010   Donator to Penland Spring Auction, Orville and Pat Chatt Memorial Scholarship

2010   Awarded the Advanced Studies Scholarship, Northwest Blacksmith Organization

2009   1st place international artistic forging competition in Bern, Switzerland

2009   Awarded the Al Bart Grant, Northwest Blacksmith Organization